What can you do to entertain yourself and that special someone this weekend? If you are tired of the same activities weekend after weekend, it’s time to do something different. No matter your interests, age, or budget, Overland has an assortment of fun activities for couples. Check out five of the top ideas for a Saturday night with your SO in the area and take advantage of the fun.

1.    Bowling: People still bowl and it’s still a fun way to spend any evening, even when you aren’t a pro. It’s the fun, laughter, and the togetherness that makes bowling a special activity for your SO.

2.    Dinner: Every great date starts with dinner, but when you choose to dine at a restaurant with entertainment overland mo, you get so much more than a great meal. You enjoy a great evening of fun with that special someone.

restaurant with entertainment overland mo

3.    Picnic: It seems a bit old-fashioned. But, it seems we need more old-fashioned things in this world. Why not take advantage of a beautiful spring, summer, or fall day and head out for a romantic picnic with your lover?

4.    Attend a Show: Whatever makes your heart happy, do that. You’ll find jazz shows, musicals, art performances, and so many others to choose from. Pick something you and your date both enjoy for a memorable evening.

5.    Ice Skating: Ice skating is so much fun for people of all ages. It’s affordable and available year-round so you and your lover can enjoy it whenever the mood strikes. No experience is necessary; you’ll catch on to things quickly.

The date night ideas above are among the many that you can enjoy with that special someone in your life. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy romance and fun with that special person in your life.