Coffee is okay, but only if you are limiting your daily quantities. You know that feeling you get in the morning. You are feeling quite groggy. But by the time you have slugged down your first mug of morning Joe, you’re feeling as though you are on high alert. That’s mainly because you’ve probably overloaded your body, this early in the morning, on caffeine. Limited quantities of caffeine are good for you.

But when you’re downing four, five, six mugs of coffee throughout the day, you’re doing your body no favors. Many of you may be feeling as though you can’t kick the habit. Like taking drugs or smoking, your body can’t go without it. But if you’re worried, there’s a way out for you. Did you know that there’s also caffeine in your tea? You can also get it in your afternoon sugar-free soda.

But tea is good. Tea is better. Not only is it good for you, it’s good for the environment too. And by ordering your tea powder online, you can go even further and do even better. Order in bulk because it’s cheaper that way.

And even if you’re taking your tea morning, noon’s and evenings in moderate proportions, the tea, if it’s been properly stored away in a cool and shaded cupboard will keep for a long time. Further still, the tea powder you order online, same goes if you buy it in the store, will be organic.

tea powder online

Comparatively speaking, here’s something about your regular coffee that may shock you. You can look this up online if you do not believe this. Did you know that it can take gallons of water just to produce one mug of coffee?!

That, surely, is enough to give you further jitters.