Candy is one of the easiest ways to express your appreciation to coworkers when it’s time to hand out gifts in the office. If you want to do more than hand them a bag of sweets, here are some candy gift ideas that your office will love.

Candy Jar

Candy jars are a simple and cute gift that can be given no matter what event you are attending. They can be extravagantly decorated, or you can keep it simple by putting your co-worker’s favorite candy in them. Some people may want to put a card in the middle or a small knickknack, such as a keychain or figurine. If you’re feeling generous, you can even slip in a gift card, massage voucher, event tickets, or some other surprise.

Candy Bouquet

Candy bouquets give you the ability to be as simple or creative as you choose. There are a variety of different styles and candies to choose from, so no bouquet has to look exactly the same. You can choose whichever candy your coworker loves and make a beautiful bouquet for any celebration. If you know they’re fond of chocolate, chocolate candy bouquets can be a pleasant surprise at an office event.

chocolate candy bouquets

Candy Sleigh

If you’re into getting crafty with candy, a candy sleigh is a cute gift idea that can be eaten or added to your coworker’s desk d├ęcor. Using two candy canes as the wheel of the sleigh, candy bars for the seat, and some holiday string to wrap everything together, you can give coworkers a creative and delicious gift. These can be made easily, so you can give them to several coworkers without spending hours making or shopping for gifts.

If you’re looking to give your office peers a sweet treat, consider these three candy delights to bring some deliciousness into their day.